BASE target is anyhow to develop the various synergies, from the product till the sales network, with the aim of enhancing our customers and our Group growth, in total compliance with the different Companies DNA.


Innovative leaders in vehicle mobility service solutions worldwide

Our Beliefs

We place trust in:


  • Our workforce talent and know how
  • Our unequivocal approach to quality and safety with of our products and within the workplace
  • Our ability to continuously improve
  • The integrity of our customers and suppliers
  • Our perseverance and commitment to succeed in everything we do

Our Values

Our organisational culture generates our success:


  • We manage with transparency
  • We embrace diversity
  • We act in a truthful and honest manner
  • We respect difference of opinion
  • We strongly embrace the heritage of our brands
  • We show courtesy to the environment of others as well as our own

Our Vision

To be universally known for:


  • Best in class partner for sustainable profitability alongside our customers
  • Influencing positive change in the vehicle mobility industry
  • Thanks to our products, recognised contributors to the reduction of road traffic accident fatalities
  • Innovators of systems rather than singular products
  • Global partners of outstanding product service and support
  • Best in class efficiency in everything we do

BASE Group benefits from each companies potential in terms of people, know-how, technology, product range and quality. Values and competences are placed at the service of IAM and OEM markets that we know needs and specificities

Our offer to IAM:

Brand reliability

Flexibility and speed

Full range of products

High-ROI products

Territorial roots


Our offer to OEM:

Custom product development

High-class product presentation

Compliance with standards

Rapid response to change

End-customer focus


The Group



Leader in the development and production of tyre service equipment.



Full range of oil and grease pumps, washing tanks, and spent oil recovery tanks and suction systems.



Leading brand in the distribution of brake lathes and wheel service equipment for the American market.



Full range of high-tech vehicle testing line equipment.


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